Chemistry blogs

20 February 2009 - in the blogs this month

Many chemistry blogs exist on the Internet. As a special service to the readers of this blog an overview of several of this month's contributions.

Lamentations on chemistry laments on the Trost vs Djerassi row (Link) (this blog fully supports Djerassi: stop citing reviews and cite the original work), Totally synthetic (Link), The Chem Blog (Link), Corante (Link) and The Curious Wavefunction (Link) all have the latest on the hexacyclinol fraud case. The Realm of Organic Synthesis (link) speaks out in support of Wikipedia, which is great, but then goes on advocating a free-access knowledge database which should look similar to wikipedia. My advise to the Realm: why not join wikipedia!.

Several days ago The Molecule of the Day was propanolol (Link) a known drug that also appears to able to cure fright!. Mining drug space wonders if there is an alternative to CAS as a supplier of chemical information (Link). RobTheJob investigates a certain beer component (in German) (Link) and Curley Arrow (Link) has the story on a diazidomethane explosion. More nitrogen related explosive stuff by the way is brought to you by Bridgehead carbons (Link). Will and beyond suggest we drink more coffee (Link) as coffee grounds can have a second life as biofuel. Carbon Based Curiosities require assistance in identifying a certain piece of glassware (Link)

Several bloggers report on work they do in the laboratory (serious work and not so serious work): The everyday scientist investigates fluorescence in Cognac (Link), Org Prep Daily (Link) treats us to an aldehyde fluorination. Milo's Musings gives a practical overview of analytical techniques typically available to an organic chemist (TLC listed as number 2!)(Link). And finally, The F-blog offers an alternative to acetonitrile (currently scarce! blame the Chinese) in HPLC.