Overview of Lewis acids in the chemical reaction database

Lewis acids

compound name
aluminum chloride AlCl3 Go
boric acid B(OH)3 Go
boron trichloride BCl3 Go
Boron trifluoride dimethyl sulfide complex BF3.Me2S Go
chlorotitanium triisopropoxide (iPrO)3ClTi Go
Diethylaluminium chloride DEAC Go
dimethylaluminum chloride DMAC Go
Indium (III) bromide InBr3 Go
indium(III) chloride InCl3 Go
tin (II) chloride dihydrate SnCl2.2H20 Go
tin tetrachloride SnCl4 Go
tin(IV) chloride dihydrate SNCl4.2H20 Go
titanium methoxide Ti(OMe)4 Go
tribromoborane BBr3 Go
triethylaluminum Al2Et6 Go
titanium ethoxide Ti(EtO)4 Go
Titanium isopropoxide Ti(OiPr)4 Go
titanium tetrachloride TiCl4 Go
Titanium(III) chloride TiCl3 Go
zinc chloride ZnCl2 Go