Chemical bonds to carbon

11 December 2010 - Wikipedia curation project IV

In the fourth part of our wikibook chemistry curation project again dozens of Wikipedia editors have contributed to bring you the ultimate wikibook this time on the elements and their bonds to carbon. The idea is simple: the periodic table contains abut 100 relevant elements and most of them bond to carbon in one way or another. The implications of the carbon-hydrogen bond and the carbon-nitrogen bond are pretty obvious but what about organoantimony chemistry or group 2 organometallic chemistry?. Traditionally organometallic chemistry is a distinct branch of chemistry but not this overview: organochromium chemistry and organosilver chemistry are accounted for and organolanthanide chemistry is in the making. And if you are into totally obscure chemistry there is organouranium chemistry. Unfortunately chemists are not philosophically inclined and do not expect a theory-of-everything as a result of these pages. It is a start anyway.

Open here: Wikibooks/Isomerism.pdf (8.5 MB, 120 pages)
Open here: Wikibooks/Organic_Reactions.pdf (10 MB, 184 pages)
Open here: Wikibooks/Functional_groups.pdf (12 MB, 167 pages)
Open here: Wikibooks/chemical_bonds_to_carbon.pdf (6 MB, 143 pages)

Next up: the wonders of Total Synthesis!