Dendralene CRD

23 November 2012 - The CRD

Dendralene_reactivity_2012.PNG The latest entry in the Chemical Reaction Database (CRD) features novel dendralene chemistry. (DOI). Wang et al. report the simple reaction of 3-dendralene with nitrosobenzene in chloroform to a single Diels-Alder reaction adduct. The other possible regioisomer does not form. The transition state (TS) according to Wang is actually a biradical and the favored TS has a pentadienyl radical and the unfavored one a less stable allyl radical group.

And how helpful is the Organic Letters publication in making information available? It certainly does not publish systematic names so OPSIN is of no use here. It is not an ACS policy (three randomly selected articles do have systematic names ) so it is just the authors being lazy or having a competence issue.Is there a SMILES to systematic name converter out there?

No, the image below does not look great. The components (reactants, products etc.) are assembled from the database records but getting them to work together in an appealing visual is tricky. A solution is in the making.