Pubpeer field test

30 September 2014 - Quality control

somethingismissingat35.PNG The new website brands itself as an online journal club and a post-publication peer-review forum. The recent threat with legal action against the site (link link Link) surely helped brand recognition, that is how this blog became aware of its existence. The appeal of the site must be the opportunity to complain rather than discuss, especially when commenting can be done anonymously and moderated.

But moderating a site involves manual labour so the question is, do the pubpeer people pay attention? No need to worry, two anon complaints filed in two different days went past the moderator within hours (1, 2). It works!

How heavy is the site used? Today about 50 comments were registered on 15 articles, mostly biochemical and medical and one relating to chemistry (here). A lot of the articles commented on are not that new (old scores to settle?) and most comments are anonymous.

Do you have a complaint on this particular blog? Please use Twitter. See link provided.