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Energy storage on a large scale

26 March 2016 - Haber and Bosch again save the planet

Energy company Nuon announced today it will convert one of its gas power plants in The Netherlands into a ammonia / energy storage facility. The first in the world of this type (Link). This facility that goes by the name 'Magnum' opened in 2013 as a multi-fuel plant capable of processing gas, coal and biomass and is equipped with carbon dioxide capture infrastructure. It has never processed coal though and never will because today both coal and carbon dioxide injection are controversial. Hence the surprise re-purposing plan. Excess wind and solar energy is to be used to produce the ammonia (from nitrogen and water in the Haber-Bosch process) which is then stored and again burned at peak-electricity demand. The energy efficiency is about 42% but even then this business could be very lucrative.