Total synthesis highlights

01 April 2011 - Wikibook chemistry curation project Part V

In the fifth part of our wikibook chemistry curation project again dozens of Wikipedia editors have contributed to bring you the ultimate wikibook this time on total synthesis with classics on cholesterol, vitamin B12, quinine and taxol. And why is it again that molecules have to be recreated in the lab that exist in abundance in nature? Good question!

Open here: Wikibooks/Isomerism.pdf (8.5 MB, 120 pages)
Open here: Wikibooks/Organic_Reactions.pdf (10 MB, 184 pages)
Open here: Wikibooks/Functional_groups.pdf (12 MB, 167 pages)
Open here: Wikibooks/chemical_bonds_to_carbon.pdf (6 MB, 143 pages)
Open here Wikipedia_total_synthesis.pdf (8 MB, 104 pages)